A Case Report of Glumeronephritis and Renal Infarction in a Cat
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
S.J. Aldavood, M. Saberi, S. Hesaraki, S. Mokaram
Veterinary faculty of University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

A 4 years old domestic short hair cat was presented in the small animal hospital of the University of Tehran with signs of vomiting, lethargy, anorexia, diarrhea, stomatitis, lingual erosions, oliguria and haematuria. Physical examination revealed pale mucus membrane, 8% dehydration and normal respiratory sounds. In abdominal palpation unilateral renomegaly was detected. CBC results included: total WBC: 14000, segmented neutrophils 70%, Lymphocytes 18%, Monocytes 1%, Eosinophils 2%, PCV 41%, NRBC 2%, Polychromasia and anisocytosis. Hypoglycemia (60 mg/dl), BUN 90 mg/dl, Creatinine 175 µmol/l, Urea 192 mg/dl were detected in serologic examination. Urinalysis findings included: Specific gravity 1025, pH 5, protein 4+, RBC 3+, WBC 4+, epithelial cell 1, Bacteria positive and Amorphus uric acid crystals. Ultrasonographic findings were increased echogenicity of renal cortex, poor definition between cortex and medulla and spot like echogenicities in urinary bladder. The case was suspected to glumeronephritis and supportive therapy was performed for 2 weeks. The cat died after 2 weeks and in necropsy glumeronephritis and renal infarction in both kidneys were confirmed.

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S.J. Aldavood
Veterinary faculty of University of Tehran
Tehran, Iran

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