Thoracoscopic Biopsy of Lung Tumours with Roeder Loop in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
Z. Adamiak1, K. Kalinowska2
1Department of Surgery, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Olsztyn, Poland; 2Private Veterinary Clinic, Bialystok, Poland

Thoracoscopy is a minimal invasive technique for diagnostic and operative procedures on thoracic organs and cavity. The aim of the study was to estimate Roeder loop for biopsy of lung tumour specimens for histopathological evaluation in dogs.

Materials and Methods

Five dogs with lungs neoplasm changes were used in examinations. All dogs before thoracoscopy were clinically and radiologically examined. X-ray examination reviled diffuse neoplasm in four cases, and solitary lung tumour in one case. After general anaesthesia dogs were underwent thoracoscopic procedure to obtain lung tumour biopsy specimens. An endoscope was inserted into the pleural space at the right 5th intercostals space, endo forceps and scissors were placed at right 6th intercostals space, Roeder loop was introduced at the right 8th intercostals space. After visualisation of tumour changes biopsy specimens were obtained using Roeder loop. Tumour tissue was grasped, pulled into Roeder loop. The loop was tightened at the base biopsy specimen, and neoplasm tissue was transacted free. Tumour biopsy specimens were hand down for histopathological examination.

Results and Discussion

Our data demonstrate that Roeder loop allows for acquire adequate biopsy specimens for histopathological evaluation. In all five dogs no Roeder loop failed during transection of the biopsy specimen.

Speaker Information
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Z. Adamiak
Department of Surgery
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Olsztyn, Poland

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