Brain Glioma in a Dog - Case Report
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
N. Andric1, M. Matic2, S. Spasojevic2, M. Curcic2
1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia; 2Private Veterinary Clinic "SPINA", Belgrade, Serbia

Clinical History

The Irish setter, female, 15 years old, was brought to the Small animal clinic at Faculty of veterinary medicine in Belgrade, with the history of seizures. Within five days the dog had four tonic - clonic seizures, that lasted for ten to fifteen minutes each. Other than that, the owners have recently noticed behavioral change which manifested in anxiety, and, a day before coming to the Clinic, the dog was unable to stand.

Physical and Neurological Examination

Depressed/obtunded, heads tremor, depressed cranial reflexes of the right side of the head and hemiparesis of the right side of the body.

Diagnostic testing

CBC and serum chemistry - no abnormalities; urin analysis: no abnormalities; radiograph examination of calvarium: no abnormalities; CT scan without contrast and with contrast: omnipaq (350mg/ml) in the doses of 1ml/kg of body weight IV was used as the contrast. CT scan without contrast points out to the existence of expansive formation in the area of the left parietal lobus, completely compressing the left lateral ventricle, while the right lateral ventricle dilated. After IV contrast application, contrast enhancement in the compressed area is noticed, whereas changed formation was not clearly defined.


Neoplasia was suspected.


After consultations, colleagues from private veterinary clinic «SPINA» decided to operate the dog, in order to remove the most of the tumor. During the operation, the sample of tumorous mass was taken for histologic examination. Tissue samples were colored by haematoxylin - eosin (HE) and examined through microscope. Histological examination confirmed changes that point out to the glioma. The euthanasia was carried out.

Speaker Information
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N. Andric
Faculty of veterinary medicine
Belgrade, Serbia

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