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Disaster Preparedness Manual
Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

Visit local Office of Emergency Services

 Give a copy of your curriculum vitae, introduce yourself, ask for an appointment with director

 Obtain copy of command tree for county - where would ARG fit?

 Is there a command center? Mobile, stationary, or both?

 Obtain a copy of county all hazard emergency plan - is an ARG listed already?

 What is required to be a recognized responder?





 Oath of allegiance?

 What agency is in charge of roadblocks?

 In charge of security?

 In charge of coordinated communications?

 In charge of psych support for responders and victims?

 In charge of sheltering humans?

 In charge of evacuation and shelter of people with special needs?

 What types of emergencies are most likely here?

 Special risks?


 Potential staging areas and evacuation facilities that might be available to ARG?

 County fairgrounds?

 Rodeo grounds?

 Sale yard?

 Expo center?

 Veterans' building?

 Community center?

 Grange building?

 Is your area likely to be a mutual aid provider to a large metropolitan area?

 Neighboring county?

 Any general restrictions, such as not wearing orange or not wearing camouflage?

 Do they have a plan for a pandemic that is different from the one for other hazards?

 Who is the county veterinarian?

 Who is the county health officer?

 Will this agency recognize an ARG if you start one?

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

Visit local law enforcement and firefighting agencies

 Sheriff, city police, highway patrol, forestry

 County, city, state firefighting agencies

 Discuss questions appropriate to each agency

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

Visit every location on your list of potential venues for staging and sheltering

 Ask for an appointment with the manager and offer a Memorandum of Understanding

Visit other volunteer agencies

 Red Cross

 Service animals

 Pets of special needs people


 Side-by-Side sheltering

 How to coordinate evacuation and sheltering of humans and animals

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

 Salvation Army

 Discuss whether they would be interesting in feeding ARG personnel

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

Visit the animal control office

 Discuss your plans to start an ARG

 Discuss locations for sheltering

 Suggest co-training with animal control personnel

 Discuss the possibility of a Mutual Aid Agreement

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

Visit the agricultural commissioner

 Discuss your plans to start an ARG

 Discuss animal demographics for your area

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

Visit private facilities:



 Boarding Stables

 Veterinary Hospitals

 Feed stores


 Pet shops

 At each venue, discuss:

 Your plans for an ARG

 How they might be able to help

 Leave a signup sheet for potential volunteers and your contact info

 Offer a Memorandum of Understanding

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Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

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