First Responder's Guide To Animal Care (2006, rev 2008)

Welcome to the online version of the First Responder's Guide To Animal Care

This manual provides first-hand practical information for anyone planning to assist animals affected by natural or man-made disasters. Inspiration for this manual came from lessons learned in California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina as well as the recent devastation caused by the Midwest floods.

Many of these lessons were discussed during Disaster Preparedness Rounds sessions. Transcripts from those sessions are available to VIN members and VSPN members only. However, everyone is welcome to explore the First Responder's Guide to Animal Care.

We hope you'll find inspiration to prepare yourself and your community for the next disaster.

Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

Paul D. Pion, DVM, DipACVIM
President & Co-Founder, Veterinary Information Network

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