Alternative Medicine: A Promising Solution for Pyometra?
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
E.B.Salgado1; L.H. Sumano2; E.M. Jiménez3; R.M. Páramo1
Department of Reproduction1, Department of Farmacology 2d De la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Considering that the medical treatment of pyometra (surgical, antibiotics and prostaglandins) has several undesirable effects, besides not offering very good results. An alternative treatment was found in Chinese medicine, an herbal preparation known as Yun-Nan- Pai- Yao that appears to possess pharmacological properties favorable to the treatment of pyometra in bitches. Therefore the following experiment was designed using 10 bitches with pyometra.

Patients were classified into three categories according to the severity of their condition, I Light condition, II Severe, III Very severe. Only patients in category I and II were included in the experimental. There is no untreated group as it was considered unethical to do so, as there is no spontaneous cure for the disease. The herbal preparation was administered orally in 250 mg capsules, one per bitches, bid, tid, or quid, to small, medium, or large breeds respectively. Giant breeds were given 2 capsules tid.

Results show 90% efficacy in the 10 bitches. In 7(70%) patients time for recovery was 3 weeks. In 20% treatment was required for 5 weeks. No collateral effects were observed with the treatment. According to results so far, this treatment appears to be a very good option to save the reproductive value of the animal by not having to surgically remove uterus (OVH).

At present work is also being carried out to try and identify possible action mechanism as well as the active ingredient of the treatment.

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E.B. Salgado

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