The Future for Companion Animal Welfare: Approaches of the European and Italian Law
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
A. Passantino1; C. Di Pietro2; M. Russo1
1Department of Veterinary Medical Science, University of Messina, Polo Universitario Annunziata, Messina, Italy; 2PhD in "EU Country Ruling Concerning Animal Welfare and Protection", University of Messina

Animals are now defined as "sentient creatures" in European law and no longer just as agricultural products (Treaty of Amsterdam, 1997). That change reflects ethical public concern about the quality of life of the animals.

In Italy, an important section of the regulation of man's relationship with companion animals is contained in the "State-Regions Agreement on Companion Animal Welfare and Pet Therapy", which was recognised by the Council of Ministers in DCPM 28th February 2003.

The Agreement defines some basic principles whose aims are to create a greater and increasingly correct interaction between man and companion animals, to guarantee the latter's welfare in all circumstances, to avoid their being inappropriately employed and to encourage a culture of respect for their dignity, also in the sphere of innovative therapeutic activities such as Pet-therapy.

Among the various aspects examined, this agreement especially underlines the responsibilities and duties of a companion animal handler and specifies that any person who lives with a companion animal or agree to take care of one is responsible for its health and welfare and must house it and give it adequate care and attention.

The Agreement also introduced important new measures aimed at reducing the numbers of stray animals, such as the use of microchips for an official dog identification system, which will come into effect on 1st January 2005, and the creation of a computerized data bank.

The Authors, after having carried out an analysis among the laws concerning companion animal welfare in force in the EU, evaluate these aspects of the Agreement.

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A. Passantino

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