Determination of Lactate Blood Levels for Clinically Healthy Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
M.V.H.Zarco1; H.A. Quijano1; M. González-Ronquillo2

Lactate is a metabolite that reflects the anaerobic metabolism in all individuals; however, its concentration in some diseases that compromises the oxygen delivery to the tissues could be altered (Shock, cancer), its measure implies a great opportunity to diagnose and prognose. In this study 30 healthy dogs of two breeds (boxer and poodles) were bled to obtain lactate blood levels, there were formed 3 groups (GI, <1 year old, GII, >1<5 years old, GIII >5 years old), and separated by genre, the blood was obtained from the jugular vein, and three repetitions were made, the results were significantly different from those reported in the literature (0.5-2.22 mmol/L). The ranges for poodles (4.44±1.59 mmol/L) were statistically higher (p<0.001) from boxers (2.97±0.82 mmol/L), but there were no differences between age, sex, within breeds.

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M.V.H. Zarco

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