Ocular Globe Axial Length Evaluation in Glaucomatous Dogs Treated With Intravitreal Uveal Ablation
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
C.V.S. Brandão; J.L.V. Chiurciu; J.J.T. Ranzan; M.J. Manprim; M. Zanini
Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia, Universidade Estadual Paulista-UNESP. Distrito de Rubião Jr. s/n, Botucatu, São Paulo, Brasil

Introdution: The objective was verify changes in globe axial length with A and B-mode ultrasound in glaucomatous dogs with intravitreal uveal ablation.

Material and Methods: It was evaluated 13 canine eyes of dogs who were examined on the Ophthalmology Service of Veterinary Hospital in the University of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science-UNESP-Botucatu, presenting unilateral chronic glaucoma with irreversible blindness. After general anesthesia, the sick eyes of the dogs was submitted to intravitreal uveal ablation, through vitreous chamber injection of 0,5ml of gentamicina sulfate solution (40mg/ml) associated with 0,3ml of dexametazon disodic phosphate (4mg/ml). It was made in all dogs an attendance of the globe axial length with real time bi-dimensional ultrasonography, B-mode, with 7,5 MHz sectorial mechanical probe, and A-mode ultrasonography, with 10 MHz probe. The measurements were made in the day of the procedure (M0), after 1 week (M1), four (M4) and eight weeks (M8). Twelve animals were also evaluated with 12 weeks follow-up (M12), 10 animals with 6 months (M24) and 5 animals with 1 year follow-up (M48). To compare the treatment effect between moments in each group, Friedman test was used, with 5% of significance level. Paired T-test, with 5% of significance level, was used to compare A and B-mode ultrasounds.

Results: Both ultrasonographic evaluations reveled significant globe decreased from M4. in the initial moment, means measurements were 24,060 mm (SEM 0,445) with A-mode and 22,746 mm (SEM 0,424) with B-mode, and on M48 were 19,274 mm (SEM 3,045) with A-mode and 17,880 mm (SEM 2,821) with B-mode. The A-scan total mean measurement (mean 21,406; SEM 0,384) revealing significant difference in relation to B-scan (19,859; SEM 0,394). The majority of measurement showing 2 mm of difference between A-mode, in relation to B-mode ultrasound.

Conclusions: The intravitreal uveal ablation in dogs with chronic glaucoma is a efficient procedure to decrease the globe size, given acceptable cosmetic condition to owner.

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C.V.S. Brandão

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