Research on Cardiotoxicity of Levamisol in the Terrier Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
Dariush Vosough1; F. Kaber2
1Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran; 2Science and Research branch of IAU, Tehran, Iran

Levamisole in one of the most effective drugs against most of the gastrointestinal track & lungs nematode. And its use for increasing immunity system power.

In this research 7 Terrier dog, with age of one year were chosen. After doing clinical and laboratory testes and be sure about the health of them, we look after them in same places and using the dosage of 10 mg/kg for the A dog, 30 mg/kg for the B dog, 60 mg/kg for The C dog, 90 mg/kg for the D dog, 100 mg/kg for the E dog, 120 mg/kg for the F dog and 140 mg/kg for the G dog of Levamisole.

After clinical & laboratory testes and doing ECG, no abnormally signs were found in dogs A, B, C, D but in dogs E, F, G signs of toxicity , squirt, imbalance, the heart signs of these 3 dogs were increasing the heart rate, weakness and decrease the femoral pulse. First of all in ECG, a trial premature complex and after a moment ventricular premature complex (triage min) and finally fine ventricular complex were seen.

Ventricular premature complex and ventricular tachycardia were made by fomentation of myocardium or myocarditis of ventricle howbeit primary ventricle myocarditis is very little but it is secondary to viral or bacterial diseases, anemia, hyperthyroidism, toxicity, etc. Categorically hypoxia and acidosis are the cause of fomentation of ventricle myocardium and make the arrhythmia in pulse of ventricle.


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Dariush Vosough

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