Survey on Distribution of Radiographic Respiratory Disorders in Small Breed Dogs and its Relation with Age
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
Dariush Vosough1; Hamide Salary, DVM
1Academic Staff of Department, Bahonar University of Kerman, Resident of Veterinary Radiology University of Tehran

Radiography is a voluble and reliable technique for investigation on diagnosis of diseases and also it can help for prognosis of the case and also confirmation of a diagnosis too.

On this base, 72 small breed dogs which referred to the small animal hospital of Tehran University with respiratory disorder were studied about the radiographic appearance of the thoraxes and the effect of age on the distribution of respiratory disease. On lateral and ventrodorsal radiographs of each case the following result besides diagnosis or confirmation diagnosis were detected:60% of them had alveolar pattern, 12% had interstitial pattern.19% had bronchial pattern, 4% with pleural effusion and 5% had pneumothorax. There was a significant deference between alveolar pattern with other patterns (p <0.05). The most respiratory pattern that had been seen up to the age of 12 month was alveolar pattern (50% cases) that has a significant relation with the age (p<0.05). And the most pattern had been seen after the age of 12 month was bronchial pattern and there was not any significant deference between other patterns and respiratory disorders with the age.


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Dariush Vosough

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