Peridural Catheter Therapy According to Ali-Hassan / Salim for the Treatment of Discopathy in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Ali, S. EL-M., Salim, E.
Small animal educational center Merkurpark, Hamburg, Rahlstedt, Germany

Disc prolapse (extrusion or protrusion) is a common cause of neck and / or back pain in dogs. Spinal surgery has been performed routinely in dogs with variable complications and success. Our new developed minimal invasive technique1, enabling an easier treatment for discopathy in dogs.

During the period from June 2001 to April 2004, a total of 53 dogs suffering from disc prolapse, protrusion and spinal canal stenosis were treated minimal invasively using the peridural catheter therapy (PCD) under the control of fluoroscopy. General anaesthesia was applied for all patients.

The dog is positioned in sternal recumbency under the control of fluoroscopy; the point of injection in the respective segment will be demarcated. After disinfections, sterile drapping, the puncture cannula of the PDC will be inserted through the interlaminar window to the desired location. Check of the correct localisation by injection of 0,5 ml Sulotrast 300. Now the PDC will be introduced through the puncture canula in the direction of the slipped disc to the recessus lateralis. After a fluoroscopy-check again, the catheter will be fixed on the skin and covered with sterile bandage. For a period of 5 days in periodically intervals of 12 hours the following enzymatical, osmotical and antiphlogistical substances will be installed exactly over the slipped disc: Lidocaine 1 %, Triamicinolacetonid 10 mg, Manitol 15 %, Physiological saline 15% and Hyaluronidase 300 I.U.

The improvement rate by means of the PDC was 89 % in the patients suffering from disc prolapse. While the success rate in the patients with disc protrusion was 93 %. In the cases with spinal canal stenosis the rate of improvement was 81 %. No complications in all the treated cases were recorded.

Our new technique, the Peridural catheter therapy for the treatment of prolapsed disc, disc protrusion and spinal canal stenosis is a microinvasive method with no epidural bleeding. Also it is easily to perform and can be executed in outpatient treatment. From the advantage of our new method during the course of the treatment, the patient has no pain and no problem to be at home.

Ali, S. EL-M. (2002): First World Orthopaedic Veterinary Congress, Munich, Germany, 5th - 8th September.

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S. El-M. Ali
Small animal educational centre Merkurpark
Hamburg-Rahlstedt, Germany

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