The Compression of Radiological Pelvic Measurements Between Normal and Dysplastic German Shepherd Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Erol Guclu Gulanber, Vedat Onar
G&G Academia Animal Hospital, Akatlar-Istanbul-Turkey; University of Istanbul, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey

Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is inherited developmental disease of hip joint. In this study we aimed that pelvic measurements can be used diagnosis of CHD in dogs or can not be.

143 German Shepherd Dogs were used in this study. The dogs were premedicated with Xylazine (Rompun vial-% 2-Bayer) and then radiographic study consisted at a standard hip extended -ventrodorsal- radiographic view. Evaluation was made on these radiographs according to OFA. After this evaluation, pelvic measurements were made on the same radiographs. Measured pelvic parameters are : pelvic length (PL), Corpus ileum's width (IW), Width between each tuber coxae (TCW), Width between each tuber sacrale (TSW), Acetabulum width (AW), Acetabulum length (AL), Length of symphysis pelvis (SPL), the smallest width of os ischii' s (OISW), width between tuber ischiadicum' s (TIW). Dysplastic and nondysplastic groups were divided according to their age as 1, 2 and 3. Also they were divided to their sex as male and female. After the calculation of mean and standard deviation, Duncan test was applied.

In one years old group, when the facts evaluated by not determining the sex, correlation is significant between PL with IW, TCW, TSW, AW, AL SPL, OISW and TIW ( p<0.001). Also the correlation between themselves is also significant in IW with TCW, AW, AL, OISW, TIW (p<0.001) and SPL (p<0.01).In two years old group the situation is also same (p<0.001).In three years old group, there is not any significant statistical correlation between AL with PL, IW, TCW, TSW, SPL, OISW , TIW. On the other hand, there is a significant correlation between AW with PU, IW, TCW, TSW, SPL, OISW, TIW (p<0.001) and with AL (p<0.01). When examined without considering the sex , in three years old dysplastic dogs TIW was found less than in the same age group normal dogs (p<0.01). In one years old , female, dysplastic group, PL and AL were found shorter than in the same age group normal females (p<0.01). In three years old, female, dysplastic group TIW was found less than in the same age group normal females (p<0.01).

Pelvic measurements were not found as a useful method for clinical diagnosis of canine hip dysplasia.

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Erol Guclu Gulanber
G&G Academia Animal Hospital

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