Secondary Nutritional Hyper Parathyroidism Incidence in Kitten
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Aldavood S.J., Veshkini A., Khazrai-nia P., Fattahi A., Aliyari A.
Veterinary Faculty of University of Tehran, Iran

Osteoporosis is one of important problem in kitten in Iran. High percent of these kittens are suffering from secondary nutritional hyper parathyroidism. The other patients are affected by other osteoporosis reason such as hypervitaminosis "A" and they need different treatment.

In order to find the best diagnostic test in early diagnosis of secondary nutritional hyper parathyroidism 50 osteoporotic cats that were 2 to 3 month old was selected by radiography. Serum Calcium, Parathormone, Phosphorus and bone Alkaline Phosphatase levels measured in all of them and then compared with serum levels of 50 clinically and radio graphically normal kittens. Serum level results compared by student T test and T test.

Calcium level mean in normal and osteoporotic kitten were 1.3532 (+/- 0.2175) and 1.3876 (+/- 0.2166) mmol/L, Phosphorus level mean were 7.9140 (+/- 2.068) and 4.8046 (+/- 0.698) mmol/L. Parathormone level mean were 0.2402 (+/- 0.0614) and 3.7480 (+/- 0.5418) pmol/L and bone Alkaline phosphatase level means were 226.46 (+/- 171.82) and 230.46 (+/- 172.32) U/L respectively.

Comparative study showed there was significant decreasing in serum Phosphorus and increasing Parathormone in the first group (Osteoporotic cats) (P<0.05). No significant changes in serum Calcium and bone Alkaline Phosphates in both groups. Four percent of osteoporotic kittens showed no changes in serum Phosphorus and Parathormone. It could be due to other causes of osteoporosis such as hypervitaminosis "A". They need different treatment programs.


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S. J. Aldavood
Veterinary Faculty of University of Tehran

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