Normal Value of Blood Urea Nitrogen and Serum Creatinine and Its Relation fo Sexuality of Persian Cats
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Dr. Dariush Vosough1 Dr.Mohamad Molasem2
1Academic staff of small animal department. Bahonar university of Kerman-Iran; 2Resident of radiology of Tehran University


For survey of kidney function BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and SC (serum creatinine) are very important and since there is no normal value of these factors in Persian cats, this study have been done.

Materials and Methods

This investigation was carried out on 90 mature Persian cats (45 male and 45 female) that were elected randomly, after confirmation of their clinical and paraclinical health, blood samples were taken after 18 to 24 hour of fasting. BUN and SC were detected on serum by spectrophotometric method with wave length of 520nm. The results analyzed with SPSS soft were and samples due to male and female groups were assessed by T test.


The value of BUN in male cats was between 50.92 mg/dl to 91/8 mg/dl. Estatic analysis of these data showed the average of 71.36 mg/dl. In female cats, it was between 50.4 to 90.5 mg/dl with the average 70.25mg/dl. The value of SC was between 0.636 to 3.272 mg/dl with the average of 1.45 mg/dl. There wasn't any significant different for BUN and SC in male and female groups (p<0.05).


In this study the value of BUN had got the average of 70mg/dl in both female and male Persian cats that it is different with other studies in other cats that were between 15 to 45mg/dl. The value of SC in this study was the same as others. Of course you should distinguish the enhancement of the value of BUN in physiologic with pathologic situation due to kidney disorders.


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Dariush Vosough, Dr.
Academic Staff Of Department Bahonar University Of Kerman

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