Spinal Schwannoma in a Cat, MRI Findings and Surgical Outcomes
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
İrem Gul Sancak, Ömer Beşaltı, Sevil Atalay Vural, Zeynep Pekcan
Ankara University, Veterinary Faculty, Department of Surgery, Ankara, Turkey

The objective of the study was to report neurological, radiological and MRI findings, and surgical outcomes of spinal schwannoma in a cat.

Eight years old, mix breed, male cat with progressive paraplegia since last four months was presented in clinics of Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University. Neurological status of the cat was non-ambulatoric Para paresis with intact deep pain perception. Depressed perianal reflexes, bilateral tibial nerve paralysis, and fecal incontinence were also detected. Radiolucent areas in both lamina and pedicles were seen at the 6th lumbal vertebrae region in survey radiography. Intradural extra-medullar hyper intense mass was detected in contrast enhanced T-1 weighted images. The mass was measured 2x1x1cm in dimensions. Laminectomy was performed and the mass was removed under operation microscope. On macroscopic examination of the operation site of the cauda equine found attenuated. Macroscopically, the mass was in grayish white color and ovoid shaped. Histopathologically, the tumour was composed of spindle and oval cells in bundles and whorls. They were separated by variable amounts of collagenous stroma. It was well demarcated from the surrounding tissue. On microscopic examination histopathological results have shown that the tumour was schwannoma.

Three months after the surgery fecal incontinence was not present. Although the cat showed neurological improvement, complete functional recovery was not seen.

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İrem Gul Sancak
Ankara University
Veterinary Faculty, Department of Surgery
Ankara, Turke

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