Selected Diseases in Birds
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Manfred Hochleithner, DECAMS
Tierklinik Strebersdorf, Muehlweg 5, Vienna, Austria


Chlamydiosis: Zoonotic Disease

 Chlamydia psittaci

 Transmission: Elementary bodies in feather dust and dried feces

 Stability: several weeks incubation: > 42days

 Clinical signs: yellowish-greenish droppings, dyspnoea, conjunctivitis, hepatomegaly, enlarged spleen

 Diagnosis: Serology, ELISA

 Treatment: Tetracyclines, Enrofloxacin

Mycobacterium sp.

 M. avium, M. intracellulare

 Transmission: contaminated feces. stability: several weeks

 Clinical signs: atypical

 Diagnosis: acid fast rods, Serology treatment: none



 Transmission: latent infected birds and biting arthropods

 Clinical signs: cutaneus-, diphtheroid-, septicemic-, tumor-form

 Diagnosis: Bollinger bodies in biopsies, culture

 Treatment: symptomatic


 Pacheco's disease virus

 Transmission: latent infected birds

 Clinical signs: peracute-acute disease--hepatomegaly

 Diagnosis: Intranuclear inclusion bodies, ELISA, IF

 Treatment: symptomatic, Acyclovir 80mg/kg PO

Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease


 Transmission: feather dust, feces

 Clinical signs: feather changes, beak lesions

 Diagnosis: Inclusion bodies, PCR

 Treatment: none

Neuropathic Gastric Dilatation



 Clinical signs: weight loss, gastric enlargement, vomiting, undigested food in the droppings

 Diagnosis: loss of neural cells in the myenteric plexus, round cell infiltrates




 Different clinical conditions are associated with malnutrition: Obesity, low body weight, poor growth, polyphagia, polydipsia/polyuria, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, plumage abnormalities, skin changes, neurological signs

Hypoparathyroidism in African Grey Parrots

 Clinical signs: tremors

 Diagnosis: Ca<1,6mmol/l

 Treatment: Ca injections, change of nutrition


 Aspergillus sp.

 Transmission: not from bird to bird

 Clinical signs: dyspnoea

 Diagnosis: culture, radiology, endoscopy

 Treatment: Itraconazole, nebulisation, symptomatic

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Manfred Hochleithner, DECAMS
Tierklinik Strebersdorf
Vienna, Austria

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