Serological Evidence of Leishmaniasis in Cats in Aragon, Spain
WSAVA 2002 Congress
*Juan José Zárate Ramos, Iñaki Arbea Sarasa, Pablo Gómez Ochoa, Juan Antonio Castillo Hernández, María J. García Salinas., Mariano J. Morales Amella
*Universidad de Zaragoza
Zaragoza, ES


The Leishmaniasis presents cosmopolitan distribution, being endemic in 88 countries 66 in the Old World and 22 in the New World. Affected so much to human as animals and in general terms, it is considered as a zoonosis disease. In Spain the Leishmaniosis is endemic and annually they are reported from 100 to 200 cases of visceral form and more than 5000 in dogs. An important point to consider is that in the basin of Mediterranean 70% of the cases of visceral Leishmaniosis in adults is presented in association with the VIH.

The dog is the main reservoir of L. infantum in the Mediterranean basin. The role of other animals, like cats for example, in the transmission needs to be studied.


There were collected a total of 50 cat serum of animals that went to consultation for some immune dysfunction. These samples were analyzed by the Direct Agglutination Test DAT, considering as positive those samples whose holding antibodies title were 1/800 or more.


The 42% (21/50) of the tested serum in this article presented anti-Leishmania antibodies levels between 1/800 and 1/3,200 and were considered as positive by the DAT technique.


As a conclusion of the results of this experience we can consider that there are serologic evidences of the presence of anti-Leishmania antibodies in cats in the Comunidad Autonoma de Aragon, Spain.

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Iñaki Arbea Sarasa
Universidad de Zaragoza

Juan Antonio Castillo Hernández
Universidad de Zaragoza

Juan José Zárate Ramos
Universidad de Zaragoza
Miguel Servet No.177
Zaragoza, Zaragoza 50013 ES

María J. García Salinas
Universidad de Zaragoza

Mariano J. Morales Amella

Pablo Gómez Ochoa
Universidad de Zaragoza

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