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WSAVA 2002 Congress
Dr Christian Dumon


Concerning the parturition, the role of the nurse is very important, and it is essentially effective in three cases:

 Advices to the owner before the whelping.

 Surgical assistance during the parturition or the cesarean surgery ( intensive care of the puppies)

 Advices for the "post partum"

 Watching the bitch`.

 Watching the pets

These three chapters will be studied during this lecture.


When, How, and What Precautions?

80 % of the cases of infertility in the canine species are due to an unsuccessful mating. Indeed, the fertilizability period of the bitch is extremely short: 2 days out of the 20 days period of heat. Therefore it is necessary to perfectly synchronize these 2 days with the moment of mating or the artificial insemination, and the association of vaginal cytology and progesterone dosage can determine the time of ovulation.`

Contrarily to some beliefs, the time of ovulation is not included between the 10th and the 14th day of estrus, and the bitch may well refuse mating while fertilizable, and be receptive before or after. In addition to determining the adequate time for mating, there are few other precautions to be considered: deworming, up-to-date vaccinations, control of skin, ear, mouth diseases The nurse plays, at this stage, an essential role in advising the owners.

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Christian Dumon

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