International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine 2017 Proceedings Online

Welcome to the 48th Annual IAAAM Conference hosted by Dolphinaris, Cancun, Mexico. Our plenary talk by Dr. Armando M. Jaramillo Legorreta is about the decline of the vaquita — yet another marine mammal species that may disappear in our lifetime unless we all come together and help now. We have a session in Spanish, with translation, so folks can share in whichever language they feel most comfortable. We have workshops that will take advantage of the beautiful area in which our conference takes place and some of the fantastic facilities that call Cancun home.

Martin Haulena, DVM, MSc, DACZM
Program Chair and IAAAM President-Elect

Paul D. Pion, DVM, DACVIM
President, Veterinary Information Network
2017 IAAAM Proceedings Partner

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