Efficacy of Herbal Acaricide; K U Natural Extocide against the Tick, Flea, Lice of Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
Narong Chungsamarnyart; Weerapol Jansawan; Thaveewat Tassanawat; Thanasorn Thipayarak
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University, Kamphaengsaen Campus
Amphoe Kamphaengsaen, Nakorn Pathom


To test the efficacy of herbal extracted acaricide; K U Natural Extocide, storing at room temperature one year and a half.

Materials & Methods

The acaricidal efficacy of K U Natural Extocide (herbal extracted acaricide, in patenting of Kasetsart U.) storing at room temperature (19.2-36.7 oC) for up to 18 month.

In vitro acaricidal activity bioassay of three different concentrations (100%, 50% and 25%) were performed on eggs, larvae, males and adult female brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sangineus). For the eggs, one milliliter of each concentration of herbal acaricide was dropped on laying eggs of 20 engorged female ticks. The anti-hatching activity of eggs were observed at 1 month after dropping the acaricide. The acaricidal activity on larvae, males and engorged female ticks were tested by spraying on them and the exceed amount of its was absorbed by tissues paper. The mortality of larvae and male ticks were observed after spraying 2 h. The mortality of engorged female ticks were observed at 24, 48 h and 7 days after spraying. The corrected mortality of ticks were calculated by Abbott's formula (Abbott, 1925). The mean (%) of corrected mortality of male and female ticks were average of 5 replications (20 males or engorged female ticks / replication), but that of larvae was average of 3 replications (100-200 larvae/replication). The control ticks were intact ticks.

In vivo bioassay insecticidal activity of 50% concentration of K U Natural Extocide were sprayed on the tick, flea, and lice on the dogs and observed their mortality time after spaying.


All of three concentrations exhibited 100% anti-hatching activity on egg and 95-100% acaricidal activity on larvae and adult males after spraying 2 h. The acaricidal activity on adult female ticks at 24 h after spraying with those three concentrations were 87%, 64% and 62%, respectively. At 48 h after spraying the ticks were died 88%, 67% and 65%, respectively. At 7 days after spraying, those ticks were died 100%, 100% and 97%, respectively.

In vivo bioassay, the male ticks, flea and lice were came out and fell down with in 30 min and dead within 2 h, and the most of adult female ticks were died on the dog within 24 h after spraying.


This results indicated that the K U Natural Extocide might be herbal commercial product and be practical use to control the tick, flea and lice of dogs, since its storing for up to one year and a half at room temperature has still highly effective against the egg, larvae, adult ticks, flea and lice.

Speaker Information
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Narong Chungsamarnyart
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University, Kamphaengsaen Campus
Amphoe Kamphaengsaen, Nakorn Pathom

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