Effectiveness of the Fixation of the Knee Joint by M. Popliteus Origin Transposition in the Dogs with Rupture of the Cruciate Ligaments
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
A. Lavrencic; I. Princes; J. Koren
Veterinarska ambulanta Vipava
Vipava, Slovenija


In the veterinary center in Vipava we have researched the possibility of surgery treatment of rupture cranial cruciata ligaments applying extra- capsular technique to stabilize the joint: we transposed the accretion point of m. popliteus and fixed it to tuberositas tibia.

Materials & Methods

Ten healthy male dogs were included in this study. We have investigated the possibility of treating dogs with rupture of the cruciate ligaments using the extra capsular technique, in the way that we stabilized the tie by transposing the accretion m. popliteus and thus stabilized the injured tie.

After the desmotomy of the m. popliteus have stabilized the joint and have done different controls until the euthanasia:

 estimated the functions of the operated dog's legs every day

 analyzed synovial liquid in different periods

 did the X-ray control (photographing the operated stifle joints)

 did pathological anatomic section of the stifle joint after the euthanasia


We found that the dogs tended to use the leg the fifth day after the operation, the third week they used the leg while running. Six months after the operation, when the function was complete, the legs of the operated animals were oriented slightly backwards. Fourteen days after the operation in the synovial fluid of the operated knee joints the majority of cells were inflammatory. Two months after the operation there were only few inflammatory cells.


We found also that the technique was less appropriate for the dogs of small breeds. The best stability was achieved with the German shepherd dog and the breeds similar in weight and size. In smaller dogs the popliteal muscle was hardly big enough to reach the tuberositas tibiae.

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A. Lavrencic
Veterinarska ambulanta Vipava
Vipava, Slovenija

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