Ovariohysterectomy in the Bitch Using Selfblocking Polyamide 66-Nylon-66 Bands
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
G. Aiudi; M. Caira; M. Nicassio; G. Foschi; G.M. Lacalandra
Dept. of Animal Production, University of Bari
Bari, Italy


The aim of this study was to perform a modified technique of ovariohysterectomy on the bitch in order to reduce time and costs of surgery to avoid operative complications and presence of an assistant surgeon.

Materials & Methods

With this goal, 123 bitches in three years were ovariohysteroectomized by a single surgeon. A self-blocking Nylon-Band (polyamide) was applied, by a specific sterilized-steel instrument, around ovarian ligaments and blood vessel to assure a perfect haemostasis during ovarian removal. The same technique was utilized for uterus at cervical level. The acute tip of a Nylon-Band was crossed by mesovarium and re-inserted on the buttonhole of the opposite extremity thus a ring was obtained at the base of the organ to remove. Thereafter, the Nylon-Band was pulled with a steel instrument to obtain an adequate compression of ovarian vessels on tissue to be excised.


Not operative haemorrhage and any kind of successive pathologies referable to this intervention, were observed in all spayed bitches. In autopsies performed in 6 subjects died for natural causes and in 3 bitches laparotomized for other purposes, no adhesions in the site of band application, were observed.


This kind of modified technique of ovariohysterectomy resulted easy and fast to use, without side effects and executable by one operator.

Speaker Information
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G. Aiudi
Dep. of Animal Production
University of Bari, Bari

G. M. Lacalandra
Dept. of Animal Production, University of Bari
Bari, Italy

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