Thoracic Vertebral Osteochondroma in a Feline Leukemia Virus-Negative Domestic Short-Hair Cat: Surgical Management and Outcome
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
A. Chouybumrung; P. Lewchalermwong
Neurology Center, Kasetsart Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand


One-year-old intact male cat was presented with slow progressive pelvic limb paresis grade IV over 2 months and hyperesthesia of the thoracic area. The MRI showed extradural mass at the left dorsolateral of 2nd thoracic–3rd thoracic (T2–T3) and compression to the spinal cord.



To report surgical treatment and outcome in a case of thoracic vertebral osteochondroma in feline leukemia virus-negative domestic shorthair cat.


A dorsolateral approach to left-sided hemilaminectomy of T2–T3 was performed, the proliferative bony mass was found and removed. Bone samples were collected for histological examination. Left-sided hemilaminectomy of T2–T3 was performed until spinal cord was seen. After flushing with sterile saline, the defect was covered with an autologous fat graft and the incision was closed routinely.



After operation for 8 weeks, the cat showed improvement in the motor function of the pelvic limbs with the ability to walk but with proprioceptive responses deficit. No hyperesthesia was detected. Six months after surgery, only pelvic limb ataxia was detected. The biopsy showed cartilaginous matrix with uniform sized and shaped, vertebral osteochondroma was diagnosed.


Solitary osteochondroma as a cause of neurological deficits in the pelvic limb is rarely observed in cats and usually associated with feline leukemia virus, but contrast in this case. There is only 1 reported feline case described in the literature. The surgical treatment was successful, the cat did not show any neurological deficits or signs of recurrence until now. Normally, prognosis of solitary osteochondroma is good after surgical excision.


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A. Chouybumrung
Neurology Center, Kasetsart Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand

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