Seroprevalence of Borrelia Infections in House Dogs and Stray Dogs in Bangkok and Vicinity, Thailand
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
S. Inpankaew; C. Kengradomkij
Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand


Lyme disease is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi and transmitted to humans by the bite of infected Ixodes ticks. Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto is the most pathogenic organism among those which cause Lyme disease in both humans and dogs. Direct detection of Borrelia burgdorferi using PCR techniques or cultivation is reliable in tissue samples but not in blood samples. Therefore serological detection of antibodies is the method of choice for laboratory diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis in dogs. With its wide antigen spectrum, the Anti-Borrelia ELISA Dog is ideally suited for use as a screening test.


The objective of this study was to determine the seroprevalence of Borrelia infection in dogs in Bangkok and vicinity, Thailand using the serological method.


A total of 138 dogs (93 stray dogs and 45 house dogs) were collected from Bangkok and vicinity, Thailand. Sera were screened using IgG and IgM ELISA coated with mix of whole antigen extracts of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii.


These findings suggest that the percentage of the dog population who generated antibodies against Borrelia were 26.7% (12/45) and 59.1% (55/93) for house dogs and stray dogs, respectively.


This is the first report of Borrelia infection in house and stray dogs in Bangkok and vicinity, Thailand. Further exploration on source of infection and possible vectors is needed to understand the potential risks to animals and humans besides with tick diversity in domestic and wild animals in Thailand.


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T. Inpankaew
Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

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