Case Series of Cats with Suspected Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Wet Form in Jakarta
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
W. Kusumawardhani; V. Widyaastuti; Y. Aji; C. Haryani; C. Sajuthi
Veterinary Clinic Drh. Cucu K Sajuthi and associate, Cat Clinic, Jakarta, Indonesia


Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) remain as significant and lethal disease in cats. Incidence of this disease in Indonesia is believed increasing nowadays. There were no FIP retrospective studies conducted in Indonesia yet.


The aim of this study was to provide retrospective data of suspected feline infectious peritonitis wet form in Jakarta.


Between January 2017 and January 2018, 37 cats were presented with peritoneal and/or pleural effusion in Veterinary Clinic Drh. Cucu K. Sajuthi and Associate, Jakarta, Indonesia. Diagnosis of suspected FIP wet form was established from Rivalta test positive result of the cat’s effusion fluid samples. Medical records of suspected FIP wet form cats were evaluated retrospectively.


Most of the cats with peritoneal and/or pleural effusion, 91.9%, were diagnosed as suspected FIP wet form (34/37). Another 3 cats were diagnosed as cardiopulmonary disease (2 cats) and bacterial infection disease (1 cat). Of the suspected FIP wet form, 85.3% were live in multi cat household (29/34) and 64.7% were male cats (22/34). The type of effusion varied between the cats, 73.5% of cats had peritoneal effusion only (25/34), 14.7% cats had pleural effusion only (5/34), and 11.8% cats had both peritoneal and pleural effusion (4/34). The data also showed that 41.2% suspected FIP wet form cats had other disease (14/34).


There were high numbers of suspected FIP wet form incidences in Jakarta, most of the cats live in multi cat households.


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W. Kusumawardhani
Veterinary Clinic Drh. Cucu K Sajuthi and Associate
Cat Clinic
Jakarta, Indonesia

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