A New Technique by a Small Vertical Incision for Treating Aberrant Overgrowth of Conjunctiva in Rabbit
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
K. Shimizu; S. Hiroko; T. Ito
Shimizu Animal Hospital, Shimizu Animal Hospital, Yokohama, Japan


The aberrant overgrowth of conjunctiva is a rare condition in rabbits. The conjunctiva plica gradually extend and occasionally covers the central cornea.

When surgical resection of overgrown conjunctiva is performed, the condition often recurs easily.

Therefore, some methods of fixing the overgrown conj

unctiva to the sclera have been reported. Then topical corticoid or cyclosporine is used after surgical fixation. On the other hand, our method is very simple and has rare recurrence.


We hypothesized that abnormal repair function caused the aberrant overgrowth of conjunctiva by inflammatory stimulation. The blocking and suppression for this phenomenon was applied to 2 rabbits.


1.  Lidocaine solution was administered to the ocular surface as a surface anesthesia.

2.  Some incisions were made to frap-like elongated conjunctiva. They were performed radially from the margin of the frap-like conjunctiva to the corneal limbus. Then the elongated conjunctiva was pulled back, close to the corneal limbus depending on the forth that the flap attempts to contract.

3.  After the treatment, prednisolone and antibiotics were administered to control the inflammation and to prevent infection.



One small incision and medication was performed to the conjunctiva on day 5 of the disease. The rabbit recovered almost normally on day 12 of the disease.


Two small incisions and medication were performed. There is no recurrence after 2 months.


After this treatment, a slight residual was observed but no recurrence was noted. This treatment can be done with a simple technique, and general anesthesia is not necessary. It is considered to be a valuable method to be done first.


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K. Shimizu
Shimizu Animal Hospital
Yokohama, Japan

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