Successful Therapeutic Use of Single Donor Canine Platelet Transfusions Severely Thrombocytopenic Dogs - A Review of Thirty-Eight Cases (2016–2017) in Chennai, India
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
G.R. Baranidharan1; A. Khalundia2; A.P. Nambi2; S. Prathaban2
1Department of Clinics, Madras Veterinary College, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai, India; 2Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai, India


Ehrlichiosis, babesiosis induced thrombocytopenia (TCP) are commonly encountered in small animal practice in India. Canine platelet transfusions are slowly gaining momentum in our country to counter bleeding diathesis.


To prepare platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from separate dog donors and transfuse PRP to the affected dogs with severe TCP with bleeding diathesis.


Canine platelet-rich plasma (PRP) was prepared using triple blood bags. Three hundred fifty (350) mls fresh whole blood was collected from separate donor dogs (n=38) and was centrifuged on a soft spin of 2000 x g for 10 minutes (braking time = 2 minutes, 30 seconds), the PRP was expressed into satellite bags and stored as 100 ml single units at 24°C for five days in the platelet agitator.


The mean platelet count was 5.0 (+/- 3.0) x 10 (10) platelets/PC (range, 3.3 to 6.4 x 10 [10] platelets/PC) and the mean (+/- SD) platelet yield from WB to PRP was 78% (+/- 13). Hematocrit was 1 to 5% and PRP was negative for fungal and bacterial culture. Severe thrombocytopenic dogs with platelet counts (PC) below 25,000 cells were transfused and after 24 hours good increase in the platelet counts (PC) above 1,25,000 cells/cmm were recorded.


Thrombocytopenic dogs with PC below 25,000 cells/cmm with petechiation, ecchymosis, purpura, epistaxis, haematuria, haemoglobinuria, melena were transfused with PRP to increase the platelet counts. During 2016–2017, 28 severely thrombocytopenic dogs referred to the TANUVAS Animal Blood Bank, Madras Veterinary College, were transfused with stored or fresh PRP from separate canine donors provided immediate short-term local hemostatic effects.


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G.R. Baranidharan
Department of Clinics - Madras Veterinary College
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Chennai, India

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