Radiographic Assessment and Treatment of Periodontal Disease in a Yorkshire Terrier Dog
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
M.F. Hafizhuddin1; S. Zaenab2; D. Noviana1
1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia; 2My Vets Animal Clinic, Jakarta, Indonesia


Periodontal disease is a threat to the dog’s life. It can be treated by applying certain surgery technique along with radiography diagnostic assistance.


This case study is aimed to understand the radiographic changes and periodontal disease treatment that was occurred in a Yorkshire Terrier dog.


As a first step, periodontal disease treatment was done by physical examination of the dog’s teeth condition which then recorded into the teeth diagram. The radiography was performed by using parallel technique to premolar and molar mandibula teeth of the dog.


As a result, the image has shown some decrease in density of the area around molar number 308 whose plaque index, gingivitis, and furcation higher than number 306 that has lower index. Besides that, there is 0.3 mm depth sulcus gingiva in tooth number 308. Dog’s teeth extraction was applied to all incisor mandibula teeth.


The case study showed that radiography can be used as diagnostic tool in periodontal disease treatment. Teeth mobility is also a factor when determining which teeth to extract instead of plaque, gingivitis, and furcation index.


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M.F. Hafizhuddin
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Bogor Agricultural University
Bogor, Indonesia

MAIN : Diagnostic Imaging : Periodontal Disease in Yorkshire Terrier Dog
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