Fibrous Dysplasia in the Mandible of a Dog
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
A.K. Sadasiva Muthu1; A.H. Mohamed2; B.G. Rengaswamy2; K.P. Asirvatham2; J.R. Raja Mohamed2; B.K. Pushpa Rajendran2; J. Jerome2; A. Krishnaswamy2
1The Ark Veterinary Clinic, General Practice, Chennai, India; 2The Ark Veterinary Clinic, Surgery, Chennai, India


Fibro-osseous lesions are poorly defined lesions of the jaws and craniofacial bones. The diagnosis is best arrived at through a combination of clinical symptoms, excisional biopsy and radiology.


Present the diagnosis and treatment of the monostotic intraoral fibro-osseous growth of the left mandible through surgical excision.


A young native Indian breed (Rajapalayam) aged 13 months was presented with a fast-growing, painless, cauliflower-like in appearance, non-ulcerating smooth surfaced and hard swelling in the left mandible and extending from the level of the canine to the fourth premolar tooth.

Radiographs of the left jaw showed diffuse radiolucent area involving the entire area of the mandible extending from the level of the canine to the fourth premolar tooth.

Excisional biopsy revealed fibro-osseous dysplasia.

A left hemi-mandibulectomy was performed allowing a margin of one centimeter on either border under xylazine-atropine-propofol-sevoflurane anaesthesia.


Histopathological studies revealed acanthotic nonkeratinised squamous epithelium with an underlying mass composed of bland spindle-shaped cells surrounded by moderate amount of fibrovascular stroma and trabeculae of woven bone. The bony trabeculae show focal areas lined by single layer of osteoblasts.

There was no evidence of any dysplastic tissue.




Identification and differentiation of benign fibro-osseous proliferations like fibrous dysplasia from malignant osteosarcoma in a young canine patient is important from a prognostic perspective. Surgical resection “en masse” provides quick and reliable relief to the patient.


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A.K. Sadasiva Muthu
The Ark Veterinary Clinic
Chennai, India

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