Aggressive Behavior in Pets - What To Do?
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
M. Irimajiri
Hills Colgate Japan, Professional and Veterinary Affairs, Tokyo, Japan

This time, mainly aggression in dogs will be discussed. Dogs can be aggressive to humans and this behavior can be sometimes dangerous. Aggression from animals can also break human animal bond that can end up with euthanasia or abandoning the animals which will be a social and public health problem.

Aggressions in dogs to the owners are most of the time due to fear, conflict, learned, and not being consistent. However, the famous myth says owner needs to “dominate” the dogs, so many owners tend to scold, yell and sometimes even try to hit the dog for their aggression. Aggression from fear and anxiety cannot be fixed with positive punishment. Aggression can be worse from this myth. During this lecture, we will discuss how to diagnose canine aggression and how to treat it.


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M. Irimajiri
Hills Colgate Japan
Professional and Veterinary Affairs
Tokyo, Japan

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