Retrospective Evaluation of the Peridural Catheter Therapy According to Ali-Hassan for the Treatment of Discopathy in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2017
S.E.M. Ali1; B. Martens2
1Neurosurgery, Small Animal Educational Center Merkurpark, Hamburg, Germany; 2Neurology, Small Animal Educational Center Merkurpark, Hamburg, Germany


Discopathy is the most common cause of neck or back pain in dogs. Spinal surgery has been performed routinely as treatment in such cases with variable complications.


The purpose of the study was to elaborate the therapeutic applicability of the peridural catheter therapy (PDC) for treatment of discopathy in dogs.


During the period from 2001 to 2016 a number of 570 dogs with Hansen type I & II discs were selected for PDC therapy under CT or C-arm fluoroscopic guidance, from a total of 4930 dogs suffering from neck or back pain presented at our center. A retrospective evaluation of the selective cases with certain criteria and fixed time intervals up to 5 years post PDC were carried out. Signalment, history, clinical signs, imaging and owner questionnaires were reviewed.


The results of the evaluation showed that 83% of the treated cases with PDC, were cured and 17% did improve or underwent another therapy. In only 5% of the treated cases a prolonged polydipsia and polyuria for two to four weeks were the only recorded complications.


In most cases PDC therapy has a clinical outcome as good as or better than decompressive surgery with little risk and it can be safely used as a minimal invasive outpatient alternative.


1.  Ali S. EL-M. (2002): First World Orth Opaedic Vet Congress, Munich, Germany, 5–8 September.

2.  Ali S. EL-M. (2004): 29th WSAVA Rhodos, Greece, 6–9 October.

3.  Ali S. EL-M. (2011): 3rd ISVS & 9th ISVSAR Kish Island, Iran, 25–28 April.


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S.E.M. Ali
Small Animal Educational Center Merkurpark
Hamburg, Germany

B. Martens
Small Animal Educational Center Merkurpark
Hamburg, Germany

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