Chronic Gingivostomatitis in Cats - Where Are We Now?
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2017
J. Ruhnau
AniCura, TandDyreklinikken, Måløv, Denmark

In the later years, there have been no significant development in the treatment of the chronic gingivostomatitis (AKA lymphoplasmacytic gingivitis stomatitis) in cats, FCGSS or LPGS. There is a slow development in different treatment options, that helps the treating vet in designing the optimal treatment for each individual patient, but no silver bullet has been found.

The treatment aims toward relieving the pain in the patient. This can be done by selective extractions, pain medication, immune modulation, and immune supportive treatment.

The lecture will summarize the experiences I have from 20 years of treating FCGSS.

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Jens Ruhnau, DVM, DEVDC, Specialdyrlæge
Måløv, Denmark

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