A Pilot, Uncontrolled Study of Postsurgical Treatment with Autologous Dendritic Cell-Based Immunologic Therapy in 17 Dogs with Mammary Adenocarcinoma
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2017
L. Grammel
Veterinary College, Justus von Liebig University, Gießen, Germany


The treatment with monocyte derived dendritic cells is a new concept in the immunologic treatment of dogs with adenocarcinomas of the mamma. A study group of 17 bitches of different breeds with a medium age of 9.1 years at the onset of the disease is presented here.


Seventeen (17) dogs were treated with a mastectomy of the affected mammary complexes. Already during surgery, a sample of the tumour tissue was saved and stored deep-frozen. After a confirmed patho-histological diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, the bitches underwent an immunologic treatment course of 3 autologous monocyte-derived dendritic cell treatments in a monthly interval. The treatment was performed intradermally around the surgical site.


For each treatment course, a fresh whole blood sample from the patient was processed by gradient centrifugation and an adherence step to derive a population of monocytes. These monocytes were cultivated with specific cytokines to derive autologous dendritic cells. After 6 days in culture, the dendritic cells were primed with tumour lysate. On day 7, the antigen­presenting dendritic cells were harvested, re-suspended and injected intradermally.


Eleven (11) of 17 dogs are still living. Of the deceased dogs, only 3 died of progressive disease. The censored median survival is 1041 days, the censored medium survival is 1045 days post primary treatment.


The autologous treatment with primed dendritic cells of dogs with adenocarcinoma of the mamma is a promising postsurgical treatment option which should be considered as an alternative to chemotherapeutical interventions. This pilot study shows interesting results which should be followed up.


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L. Grammel
Veterinary College
Justus von Liebig University
Gießen, Germany

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