Anatomical Differences in Surface of Constrictor Snakes
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
P. Santos; A. Konstantinovas
Veterinary Medicine, Universidade Paulista Campinas, Campinas, Brazil


The study of snakes is growing, but a lot of information is scarce, so there is still a great need to study. There is a large variation in the anatomy of body surface, even among constrictor snakes. Thus, being able to observe differences in the anatomical conformation, mainly the head, tail and scales, as well as vestigial pelvic limbs and lip pits, in some species.


This issue demonstrates the main anatomical differences in the surface of constrictor snakes.


Were observed Boa constrictor, Eryx colubrinus and Corallus hortulanus, belonging to the Boidae family; Python molurus and Python regius, belonging to the family Pythonidae; and Pantherophis guttatus, belonging to the family Colubridae.


The anatomical differences of the head, tail and scales were observed, where the Boa constrictor, Corallus hortulanus, and pythons had triangular head and little, robust tail with smooth scales; only Corallus hortulanus had lip pits; Eryx colubrinus already had more tapered head and very robust tail with pyramidal rough scales, while Pantherophis guttatus had rounded head, slender tail and smooth scales. Neither species had vestigial pelvic limbs, but may present in pythons and boas. The Eryx colubrinus, because of their adaptations to desert habitat, could not get around properly on tiled floors, since the boas that are arboreal and pythons that are found near rivers have not had the same problem.


We conclude that constrictor species have differences in surface anatomy of each other, even species within the same family, and these differences are mainly related to habitat.


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P. Santos
Veterinary Medicine
Universidade Paulista Campinas
Campinas, Brazil

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