An Analysis About the Effect of Immune System Abnormality on the Epidermis Layer of Skin in Psoriasis
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
A. Eskandarzadeh Afshar; M. Korbandeh
Veterinary College, Shiraz, Iran

There are lots of diseases which are made of incorrect setting or immune responses of HSCs incorrect function.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disorder of skin, and the silver scaly plaques are its brilliant feature.

These plaques are made of an increase in dividing cells of basal layer and spinous layer and it may lead to epiderm thickness and its fast rebuild.

These functions are together with abnormal keratinization and defect of skin barrier that are caused by incorrect settings of innate immune responses with T-cell intervention.

Our received results claim that psoriasis in small animals can induce IL-37 cathelicidin by keratinocytes.

This substance will make some complexes with host DNA that may lead to activation of pathogens protein.

According to experiments of this study, it has been understood that canine skin's plasmacytoid of dendritic cells have IF-α secretion feature and IF-α can activate the other dendritic cells activating T-helpers which have dedicated function for an unidentified antigene with proteinic nature.

These type of T-cells will go to the dermis layer and may cause generating and triggering of inflammatory cascade reactions and keratinocytes more growth.

There are lots of surveys which have discussed the migration of T-cells into the dermis layer and, also, they have discussed the differentiation promotor cytokines of T-helper such as T-helper-1 and T-helper-17.

According to absence of any definite treatment for this disorder, we have started stem cell therapy and recognition of pathogen protein of inducer genes to inhibit this disorder as a new step.


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A. Eskandarzadeh Afshar
Veterinary College
Shiraz, Iran

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