Odontodysplasia in a Puma concolor
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
E.P. Freitas1; F.S. Zanuzzo2; H.G. Riva3; M.G. Rodrigues4
1Veterinary Dentistry Center, ODONTOVET, Campinas, Brazil; 2Anesthesia, Anesthesiology Veterinary Clinic, Sorocaba, Brazil; 3Veterinary, Sorocaba Zoo, Sorocaba, Brazil; 4Meio Ambiente, ICMBio, Campinas, Brazil

Regional odontodysplasia is a nonhereditary developmental condition affects dental tissues. Localized trauma can be a possible cause of the dental malformation. Permanent teeth are more likely to be affected than deciduous teeth and canine teeth affected more often than the posterior teeth. However, mandibular teeth are less involved than maxillary teeth. A 2-year-old male wild puma (Puma concolor) was captured and taken to Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade Institute (ICMBio) in Brazil. The attending veterinarian noted missing or partially erupted mandibular canine teeth. The puma was transported for dentistry treatment to Odontovet - Campinas (Veterinary Dentistry Center). The objective of treatment was to return the patient to the wild as soon as possible. Oral examination performed under general anesthesia revealed the left mandibular canine tooth was missing and right mandibular canine tooth was not fully erupted. The dental radiographs showed the right mandibular canine tooth with minimal eruption and with no apparent structural defects. However, the left mandibular canine tooth was malformed and with structural deformities indicative of odontodysplasia. The diagnosis was based on clinical and intraoral dental radiographic findings. Surgical extraction of the left mandibular canine tooth was performed due to the risk of cystic lesion on mandible, infection, pain and because it was a wild animal. Gingivectomy around of the right mandibular canine tooth was performed in order to increase the clinical crown of this tooth. The puma was observed 2 months postoperatively and it showed no signs of difficulty eating.


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E.P. Freitas
Veterinary Dentistry Center
Campinas, Brazil

MAIN : Dentistry : Odontodysplasia in a Puma concolor
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