Pyometra in Dogs Induced Decreased Plasma Concentrations of Chromogranin A (Catestatin)
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
S. Jitpean1; M. Stridsberg2; A. Pettersson1; O.V. Höglund1; B. Ström Holst1; R. Hagman1
1Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden; 2Medical Sciences Clinical Chemistry, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden


Pyometra often induces systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and early diagnosis is crucial. Chromogranin A (CgA) is a neuroendocrine secretory protein that is co-released with catecholamines from the adrenal medulla and sympathetic nerve endings. A prognostic value of CgA has been shown in humans that are critically ill or that have SIRS associated with infection. So far, CgA has not been studied in dogs with bacterial infection. The aim of the present study was to investigate CgA (measured by catestatin and vasostatin) in healthy dogs and in dogs with pyometra.


Fifty bitches with pyometra, sampled prior to surgery (ovariohysterectomy) and 64 healthy bitches were included. Chromogranin A concentrations were measured in heparinized plasma by radioimmunoassay labelling CgA with 125I and rabbit antibodies.

Student's t-test and Wilcoxon two-sample test was used to test for differences between the pyometra and control group. A p < 0.05 was considered significant for all tests used.

Concentrations of catestatin were lower in pyometra (mean 1.01 nmol/L ± 0.05 SE) compared to in healthy bitches (mean 1.66 nmol/L ± 0.03 SE) (p ≤ 0.0001). Vasostatin concentrations did not differ between bitches with pyometra (mean 0.40 nmol/L ± 0.04 SE) and healthy bitches (mean 0.42 nmol/L ± 0.03 SE).


For the first time catestatin and vasostatin concentrations were explored in dogs with pyometra. Concentrations of catestatin, but not vasostatin, were decreased as a result of the disease. Further studies are warranted to evaluate a possible clinical diagnostic or prognostic value.


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S. Jitpean
Clinical Sciences
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Uppsala, Sweden

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