Low Level Laser Therapy to Accelerate Recovery from Multiple Fractures on Both Forelimbs with Internal Fixation in Feline: A Macroscopic Study
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
M. Taweechart
Thonglor Pet Rehab Center, Thonglor Pet Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Weight bearing is one of the factors influencing bone-healing process. Managing pain, inflammation and edema promote weight bearing as soon as possible to return the patient to optimum function soonest. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) can be used to treat these symptoms and accelerate soft and hard tissue healing.


To investigate LLLT on speed of feline returning to optimal functional with both forelimb injury with internal fixation for multiple fractures.


Single case study of an eight-month male feline, with a midshaft oblique fracture on right radius and complete fracture in all but the first metacarpus of both limbs.

Internal fixation (locking compression place and pinning) is used to mobilize the radius and metacarpus, antibiotic and cage rest is prescribed. The patient is given daily LLLT sessions for twenty consecutive days using pain and edema protocol for the first three days and fracture and pain protocols for the rest.

A macroscopic evaluation of progress with photographic evidence.


After the third LLLT session, the patient had minimal inflammation with significant edema reduction, allowed its paws to be handled and started to toe touch. After ten sessions, no inflammation and edema, and weight bearing is observed. After twenty sessions, paws usage and gait are near normal with functional retractile claw mechanism.

X-ray diagnosis Day 10



Low level laser therapy can significantly improve the surgical outcome by encouraging the patient to regain limb and joint function quicker. The patient is weight bearing sooner and increases tolerance to be handled and physical therapy.


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M. Taweechart
Thonglor Pet Rehab Center
Thonglor Pet Hospital
Bangkok, Thailand

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