The First Survey on Dental Formulation in Crocodylus palustris palustris
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
S.J. Aldavood; M. Ahmadi Bozorg; F. Naderi Nezhad; H. Maserat
Internal Medicine, Veterinary Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Crocodylus palustris palustris is the only species of crocodiles in Iran and unique one through the world. It has been nearly to extinction during the last decade. Although this species was not in popular interest, but by effort of the environmental organization and Iran SPCA a research center has established from last year and initiated some scientific research to keep and improving their condition.


One of their important problems was dental disease and it selected as the first study. According to physical and radiographical evaluation that was made on 8 male and female crocodiles apparently reveal some special jaw and dental positions.

Crocodylus palustris palustris has some dentil in lateral margin of jaw bone. Along this margin there are 3 prominent convex arches and 2 concave ones. These arches are settlement places for all dentils. Eminent denticles are placed in convex and smaller ones are in cave arches. These crocodiles don't have any palatine tooth. Dentils made out very well and forth dentil that is similar to carnivores, settled on a cleft in upper jaw.

Methods and Results

Cone dentils have groove between osteoid base and thick summit. All dentils drop and new one emerge instead. This process has done very fast and continues from birth to end of the life, but it has not following a regular pattern. Emerge process will reduce by the ages.


Dental formulation in Crocodylus palustris palustris for half jaw is shown below.

PM (5), M (14) / D (15)


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S.J. Aldavood
Internal Medicine
University of Tehran Veterinary Faculty
Tehran, Iran

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