Temporary Transarticular External Skeletal Fixation for Augmentation of Internal Fixation in a Cat with Distal Tibial Physeal Fracture
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
K.S. Oh; Y.H. Kwon; J.H. Bae; H.Y. Cheong; J.H. Hwang; H.U. Jeong; S.H. Baek; M.S. Kim; N.S. Kim; H.B. Lee
BK 21 Plus Program and College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University, Iksan, Korea


Reduction of distal tibial physeal fracture is unstable mechanically because bone fragment is small and reduction method is restricted. The use of temporary transarticular external skeletal fixation is to augment internal fixation and to immobilize the joint movement.


The objective of this study is to evaluate the use of temporary transarticular external skeletal fixation to augment internal fixation in a cat with distal tibial physeal fracture.


The cat was diagnosed with Salter-Harris type 4 physeal fracture and fibular fracture of left hind limb on radiography. Reduction of physeal fracture using position screw and pin and tension band technique was performed. Transarticular external skeletal fixation to augment internal repair of physeal fracture was used temporarily. The patient received antibiotics, NSAIDs, crystalloids postoperative care. The pin-skin interface was covered with a semiocclusive foam dressing for the first 1 week postoperatively. Clamp and pins were covered with routine fashion dressing. Removal of external skeletal fixation was performed 1 month after surgery. Pin and tension band except position screw were removed 2 months after surgery.


The cat recovered fair ambulation.


Temporary transarticular external skeletal fixation can be effectively used to immobilize the tarsal joint and to augment internal fixation for approximately one month.


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K.S. Oh
BK 21 Plus Program and College of Veterinary Medicine
Chonbuk National University
Iksan, Korea

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