A Risk Analysis of Australia's Marine Ornamental Value Chain Focusing on Biosecurity (Diseases and Pathogens) Concerns
IAAAM 2014
Kevin P. Erickson1*+; Marnie L. Campbell1,2; Chad L. Hewitt1,2; Nicole Flint3
1School of Medical and Applied Sciences, CQUniversity, Gladstone, QLD, Australia; 2School of Science, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand; 3School of Business and Law, CQUniversity, Gladstone, QLD, Australia


This presentation shows the progress of ongoing PhD research focusing on the management risk prevention efforts that Australia's implementing to insure imported marine ornamental animals do not establish a permanent while foothold within Australia. Additionally, consideration and monitoring of these imported organisms as pathways of foreign disease transmission is being carried out. Supply/value chain analysis is being used to establish an Australian current practices baseline for the marine aquarium trade. This occurs via a survey of the marine ornamental organisms that are available in Australia to identify the species that are non-native. Determination of the marine species status (native, introduced or cryptogenic) occurs using an established protocol.

From there, the methods of how these imported species enter the country are investigated in the importers current biosecurity measures are recorded. These imported organisms are then followed to the distributor who sends them to various stores around Australia who then passes them on to individual hobbyists. While the organisms are being followed, they are monitored for potential diseases and parasites that may have been imported with them, or that they may have been exposed to when they were in quarantine facilities.

* Presenting author
+ Student presenter


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Kevin P. Erickson
School of Medical and Applied Sciences
Gladstone, QLD, Australia

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