Assessment of Multiantigen Print Immunoassay (MAPIA) and Rapid Lateral-Flow Test (RT) for the Detection of Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Malayan Tapir (Tapirus indicus)
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Conference 2011
Paul P. Calle1, VMD, DACZM; Denise McAloose1, VMD, DACVP; Rena Greenwald2, MD; Konstantin P. Lyashchenko2, PhD
1Global Health Program, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, NY, USA; 2Chembio, Diagnostic Systems, Inc., Medford, NY, USA


A multiantigen print immunoassay (MAPIA) and a rapid antibody test (RT) developed and validated for detection of mycobacterial seroreactive antibodies in elephants (Elephas and Loxodonta)1 was assessed in Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus). Retrospective analysis of frozen banked serum was performed in 2007 from one infected and seven apparently uninfected tapir by MAPIA and RT. The infected tapir was a 20-yr-old female wild caught animal that died in 1995 with culture confirmed Mycobacterium bovis infection. A blood sample obtained 2 mo before death demonstrated clear seroreactivity in both MAPIA and RT testing. The apparently uninfected animals included four males and three females ranging in age from 1 to 25 yr of age. Four died without post-mortem evidence of mycobacterial disease and blood samples were collected from these within days to 3 yr of death. Three remained healthy for 2 to 13 yr following sample collection. Blood samples had been frozen for days to 15 yr before testing. None of the seven uninfected tapir demonstrated seroreactivity in either test. These results suggest that MAPIA and RT tests have potential utility for rapid detection of M. bovis infection in Malayan tapir.


The authors thank Claudia Wilson and Anne Rockmore for assistance with locating and researching historical information.

Literature Cited

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Paul P. Calle, VMD, DACZM
Global Health Program
Wildlife Conservation Society
Bronx, NY, USA

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