Partial Cordectomy in Dog with a Larynx Granuloma: Case Report
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
T.M. Pinto; L.M.A. Lopes; F.B. Cabreira; R. Stedile; C.A.C. Beck; M.M. Alievi; L. Fratini; M. Mucillo
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

The present report aimed to describe the treatment of a larynx granuloma in a dog. This was a nine-years-old, mix breed, male dog outpatient at UFRGS Veterinary Hospital, with a history of chronic couth and anorexia. Physical examination revealed dyspnea, cyanotic mucosa and laryngeal stridor. The radiography exam evaluation presented a mass on glottal region and a pulmonary infiltration without pulmonary metastasis. The patient was submitted to a endoscopy, and was observed a round shape increase volume with 1 cm diameter on larynx (vocal cords and left arytenoid cartilage), a fragment was taken to a histological exam. The animal was submitted a temporary tracheostomy until the histopathology final results. After the larynx granuloma was confirmed, a partial cordectomy was made. After the procedure there was evidence of subcutaneous emphysema. Eight months later, no clinical alteration was present. Granuloma is a rare tumor in dogs' respiratory system. The clinical, endoscopy an radiography found on this case resembled reports in the literature. Larynx tumors when diagnosticated present a high growth condition, and presents suggestive signs of air way obstruction. This tumor must be differentiating of inflammation obstruction through the oral cavity inspection and histological exam. The endoscopy exam is fundamental for an oral cavity inspection and to obtained samples for histological exam. Animals with larynx neoplasias can aspirate food and water due to the larynx mass during the swallow process. This mass is not observed at radiography exam. The larynx tumor prognostic it's good when it is possible to do a total resection of this tumor and when it does not present a distance metastasis. Confirmed on this case report after eight mouths postoperative without recurrence, assess through endoscopy exam. The only complication observed on postoperative was a subcutaneous emphysema due to the temporary tracheotomy that was made to avoid the occlusion of the larynx because of the tumor mass and to relief the air breathing. The partial cordectomy is a low risk procedure with good results showed in this report, and it is indicate on treatment of larynx obstruction mass.

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T.M. Pinto
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

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