Scrotal and Prepuce Agenesis in a Cat: Case Report
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
M.M.C. Burza; C. Aguiar; P.C. Oliveira; A.R.C. Silva; L.M.S. Rocha
University Center of Octavio Bastos Teaching Foundation (Centro Universitário da Fundação de Ensino Octavio Bastos-UNIFEOB), São Paulo, Brazil

Reproductive anomalies of congenital origin in cats are rare and include numerical changes of the sex chromosomes, gonadal sex and yet changes in phenotypic sex and can be diagnosed through karyotype, gonadal histology and through observation of the affected external genitalia. These anomalies are related to problems in the sexual differentiation or yet in the secretion of testosterone. The external genitalia changes are normally associated to insufficient or ineffective secretion of androgens; problems in the recipients of these hormones or yet, disturbance involving the 5α reductase, enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. The agenesis scrotal and prepuce in cats is rare, being not characterized by exteriorization of the penis and testicles, but they are present and morphologically functional. A male cat was seen in the Vincent Borelli Veterinary Hospital, with approximately one year old, mixed breed, not castrated, presenting a wet wound in the medial side of left pelvic member and history of urinary incontinence since adopted by the owner. In the clinic exam, the absence of external genital structures to indicated their gender was noted, having only a small skin hole in the ventral perineal region where the urine was drained, besides the presence of increased volume with a floating aspect, suggesting the presence of fluid accumulation in subcutaneous, in the perineal and pubic area. The animals general condition was good and clinically there was no changes in the rest the organic systems. The animal was sent to do an ultra sound and the presence of two testicles in the subcutaneous area of the perineum was noted. The hematological and biochemical exams were normal. We chose to do an exploratory surgery to find the urethra and, if possible, to do an urethrostomy, and also to perform an orchiectomy. During the surgery it was noticed that besides the testicles, the morphology and function of the penis were apparently normal. So the orchiectomy, urethrostomy were performed associated with penectomy, seen as it was not possible to rebuild the scrotal and the animal's penis. It was confirmed that the genital organs were present, having however the absence of the scrotal and prepuce. The material removed was sent to a histopathological exam where it was detected severe testicular degeneration due to the absence of the scrotal and deficiencies in the thermoregulation mechanism and inflammatory process of the penis associated to the intense vacuum degeneration in order of the chronic urine accumulation.

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M M.C. Burza
University Center of Octavio Bastos Teaching Foundation
(Centro Universitário da Fundação de Ensino Octavio Bastos – UNIFEOB)
São Paulo, Brazil

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