A-and B-Mode Echobiometry in Cataractous and Non-Cataractous Eyes of English Cocker Spaniel Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
M.L. Silva; B.C. Martins; A.P. Ribeiro; A.L. Groszewicz de Souza; J.L. Laus
Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences of Sao Paulo State University, Jaboticabal, Brazil

Supported by FAPESP.

The present study was conceived to evaluate A-and B-mode ultrasonographic changes in the thickness of various structures of the eyeball in male and female English Cocker Spaniel dogs with and without nondiabetic cataracts. Sixteen dogs with cataracts (36 eyes), and seven normal dogs (14 eyes) older than eight years were selected. A-and B-mode ultrasonography was performed with a 10 MHz transducer. Data was evaluated statistically by one way ANOVA. Mean and standard deviations of various ocular structures for dogs with and without cataracts were, respectively, anterior chamber: 3.041 ± 0.828 mm, 3.373 ± 1.040 mm; lens: 6.817 ± 1.117 mm, 7.062 ± 0.477 mm; vitreous: 10.056 ± 0.754 mm, 9.523 ± 0.705 mm; and axial length: 19.909 ± 1.103 mm; 19.958 ± 1.050 mm. Ocular measurements between right and left eyes, males and females, as well as in eyes with and without cataract were not significantly different (P > 0.05).

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M.L. Silva
Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences of Sao Paulo State University
Jaboticabal, Brazil

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