Human Behaviour and the Increase of the Profitability in the Clinic
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
Marco Antonio Gioso, DVM, DDS, DAVDC, PhD, FMVZ-USP
Departamento de Cirurgia

For decades most of the companies CEO ("presidents") or owners, used to give courses, lectures, workshops for their employees. Interestingly the results were not as expected. Nowadays, the same process goes on and on. The reason is clear, but yet, not for most of the companies. Veterinary clinics, hospitals, schools, as well as companies, small or large, have the same problem. Train and motivate their collaborators (a politically correct word for employees!).

Many lecturers, teachers, CEOs, even psychologists are invited to train or motivate the staff. Results are far from being good. Technical lectures are quite good, with many different techniques that can be sometimes easily applied in a team, or whole company.

However, results are not as expected! Why? The reason is simple: employees did not want that! It is a question of self motivation, values and priorities. People have their own priorities and values in life. Companies may have their own. The solution is trying to adequate both. One very good way of obtaining better results is to make the collaborators to participate in the decision of the leader. Their values and priorities needs to be addressed before any attempt of impinging a course on motivation, technical process, new technologies. Staff must participate fully in decisions.

Norms taken from above have little effect on employees. The clinic needs to start a process of creating a new culture inside the hospital.

This new culture needs to be adequately addressed and started, so that it does not create fear or embarrassment. One good way of start the process is hiring a person who will be responsible for the process, acting as a facilitator. In many studies, it was clear that employees do not ask to leave from the company, but from someone in the company, in 70% of the time. That is, it is something personal, in general against the boss.

Therefore, the owner of the company, the supervisor, or the boss need to start looking at these new approaches of leading a company. Vet clinics can use the same weapons, but the personnel need to start studying the subject. Simply hiring someone will not work if the leader do not agree with the whole process. In most of the cases, the company, the vet clinic, is the resemblance of its owner. For good or for bad actions.

So, if you are the owner of any company, including a vet hospital, try and see if your business is in the right path. Even if you think it is, think of this: could you maybe be making more money if you used new approaches in business? Do you have the social recognition and status you deserve? Are you happy with your revenues?

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Marco Antonio Gioso, DVM, DDS, DAVDC, PhD
FMVZ-USP Departamento de Cirurgia
Cidade Universitária
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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