Osteosynthesis Tibiotarsus in Araracanindé Using Titanium Miniplate
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
A.S. Gouvêa; M.M. Alievi; E. Santos; M.S. Mucillo; G.C. Gianotti; E.B. Medeiros; L. Machado; A.J.A. Coelho
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Among the surgical problems of birds, fractures are the most prevalent. Long bones of the wings and pelvic limbs are the most frequently affected. The success of orthopedic surgery in birds is directly related to the techniques used to undo the mechanical forces of a fracture. This requires an efficient immobility, allowing then rapid healing and functional return of the affected limb. At the Hospital of Veterinary Clinics of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul a psittaci, a kind of Ara ararauna (araracanindé) was treated with clinical history of trauma in the cage. The radiographic examination showed a diaphyseal fracture in the left tibiotarsus, and the bird was sent to surgery. The bird was given as preanesthetic medication methadone (0.2mg.kg-1) and ketamine (5mg.kg-1), induction and maintenance of anesthesia with isoflurane in effect. The method of reduction of the fracture chosen was the titanium miniplate (system 2mm) and one was implanted with the use of 3 miniscrews in each fragment. In pelvic limbs fractures the use of plate and screws is indicated, because the cortical is relatively thicker and does not easily fissure, moreover, provides rigid stabilization, anatomical alignment and little interference in articulate movement. In this case, there was no complication at the time of placing the miniplate and miniscrews resulting in a satisfactory alignment of the fragments. The factors influencing the bone healing in birds are: vascular integrity, the soft tissue trauma, infection, type of fracture, articulate involvement, fixation stability and anatomic alignment. In this patient it was not observed any problems in the postoperative period, occurring limb functional return, and bone consolidation, which was verified radiographically 90 days after surgery. Titanium miniplates were developed to be used in maxillofacial surgery in humans. In veterinary medicine, these plates have been used in dogs and cats in the reduction of fractures of mandible and maxilla with success, being a good option for certain fractures in small and medium size birds. In this report the use of titanium miniplate was efficient for the reduction of diaphyseal fracture of tibiotarsus with functional return of the limb and bone consolidation.

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A.S. Gouvea
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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