Appendix H: Puppy Survival Manual
Promoting the Human-animal Bond in Veterinary Practice
Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Diplomate American College of Healthcare Executives

"It's A Dog' s Life"

Courtesy of Frank Siteman and Delta Society

Courtesy Carriage Hills Animal Clinic, Montgomery, AL

Life Map for: ____________________________________ (pet's name)

The primary role this dog will play in my life is:

 Member of the Family


 Breeding Animal

 Show Dog

 Playmate for My Children

 Working Dog: Job Description: _______________________________________

 Other: ________________________________

This dog will live: _____ Outside _____ Inside ______Both

 Other pets in the household:__________________________________________________

 This dog will spend an average of _____hours alone each day.

Health Protection



Fecal Exam

6 wks

DA2PL & Parvo


9 wks

DA2PL & Parvo


12 wks

DA2PL & Parvo


15 wks

DA2PL, Parvo, & Rabies


28 wks

DA2PL, Parvo, & Bordetella



DA2PL, Parvo, Rabies, & Bordetella



(vaccinations as needed)


Extended DOI

Some vaccines are now approved for extended Durations of Immunity (DOI), and we will use them with your permission/awareness


Routine Life Cycle Consultations: Semi-Annually or more often with age

Parasite Prevention: ASAP Heartworm Medication __ Flea Control __ Tick Control __

Dental Care:
Home Care: _____ Brushing _____Dental Exercise

Ages to screen for Professional Care: every six months

Nutritional Plan

Age for  

Growth Nutrition:

Adult Maintenance:

Stress Management: (Working Years, Gestation & Lactation, Convalescence, Weight Control)

Elective Procedures (Best Time):

 each visit - PCR testing for appropriate genetic predispositions

 12-14wk - Cosmetic Ear Trim

 Pet Identification System (Microchip / Tag / Tattoo)

 18 weeks - Diagnostic Radiographs (Penn Hip) of Hips - +/- JPS for hip dysplasia prevention as indicated

 4-6 mos. - Desex (OHE or Castration)

 Ovario hysterectomy (early neuter programs are available)

 Castration (early neuter programs are available)

 Semi-annually - Blood Pressure and Lead II cardiac screen with Life Cycle Consult, PCR testing for appropriate genetic predispositions

 Semi-annually - Glaucoma Screen (e.g., for certain breeds, Ton-o-pen)

 Semi-annually - Schirmer Tear Test for dry eye (done by nursing staff)

 Breeding - Provided Screening Tests for breed soundness are in order:

 OFA and/or other Orthopedic Clearances

 CERF _____ VWD _____ SAS_____

 Pre-Breeding Evaluations:

 Brucellosis Test

 Physical Exam / Cytology

 Post Whelping Physical for Dam & Puppies

 3-6 yrs. - Over "40" Physicals

 CBC (Complete Blood Chemistry) - retested annually

 Urinalysis - retested annually

 Blood Chemistry Profiles - retested annually


 Screen thoracic radiographs

 Screening abdominal radiographs


 Best time for: - ASAP New Puppy Seminar (For Owners with puppies under 5 mos. of age)

 Adult Basic Obedience Class (Anytime after 5 mos. of age)

 Graduate Studies - (Conformation: 8 - wks. / Field: 8 - wks. / Protection: 18 mos.)


 How Often? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)


 Comb / Brush

 Clean Ears

 Trim Nails

 Brush Teeth

 Professional Grooming

 Behavior Management Resources: (Areas in which you would like additional assistance.)

 Pet Environmental Management

 Sharpening Communication Skills with your pet

 Disciplinary Techniques

 Behavior Modification & Problem Solving

 Breeding, Whelping, and Puppy Rearing Guidance

 Community Outreach Programs - Possibilities for you and your dog

 School Programs / Resource Materials

 Training Programs

 Special Needs: ________________________________

 The Golden Years (Life expectancy for this breed: _____years):

 6-8 + yrs. Senior Friends Examination & Evaluation
(CBC, Blood Chemistry Profile, Urinalysis, EKG, Chest X-rays)

 Environmental Changes
(i.e. sleeping arrangements, confinement, diet and exercise, grooming)

 Preparation for "Rainbow Bridge"
pain versus suffering discussion
life extending healthcare options

We Know How Much You Care!

New Pet: Supply Check List

*Basic Necessities


 *Recommended Food: _________________________________

 Supplements: ________________________________________

 * Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowls

Parasite Prevention:

 *Heartworm prevention: ______________________________

 Flea Control: _________________________________________

Environment Control:

 *Dog Crate

 Pet Gate

 Bitter Apple Spray / Cream

 Flea Control Products: ________________________

Training Supplies:

 *6-Foot Training Leash

 *Web / Leather Collar
(Choke Collar for dogs that are 6 months or older)


Grooming Supplies:

 (Flea) Shampoo _____________________________________________

 Comb and Brush

 Dental Supplies: ____________________________________

 Nail Clippers

 Other _____________________________________________

Toys: (Variety of textures and shapes)


 Squeaky Toy

 Soft Toy

 *Chew Bone


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Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Diplomate American College of Healthcare Executives

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