Association Between Biochemical Values for Samples Collected Using VacutainerTM and Pediatric Sampling Tubes
ACVIM 2008
S.R. Shadwick; J.C. Whittemore
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine
Knoxville TN, USA

Anemia caused by diagnostic sampling is the main indication for blood transfusion in human neonates. Diagnostic sampling may pose the same risk to dogs and cats given their size. Pediatric sampling tubes may be used to decrease sampling volumes, but their accuracy under clinical conditions has not been reported.

Samples were collected from 15 clinically healthy dogs and 15 clinically healthy cats. Three mL of blood were collected from each animal and transferred into lithium heparin VacutainersTM (2.5 mL) and pediatric tubes (0.5 mL) by one individual blinded to the study purpose. Complete biochemical profiles were performed within 12 hours on all samples. Results were compared by paired t-test using SPSS 15.0 for Windows. A p-value of <0.01 was considered significant.

There were no clinical or statistical differences for feline samples. For canines, statistically significant differences were present for eight parameters. Results were the same or higher for pediatric tubes for ALP activity, calcium, total protein, albumin, globulin, and cholesterol. None of these differences was clinically significant. Glucose values were the same or lower on pediatric tubes with a mean difference of 7.1 mg/dl.

These results suggest that pediatric sampling tubes provide clinically equivalent biochemical data to VacutainersTM while minimizing total diagnostic sampling volumes. Excluding glucose results in dogs, results for both collection tubes may be evaluated using the same reference intervals. For glucose monitoring, use of the same collection method may be warranted. Comparison of complete blood count parameters is ongoing.

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Jacqueline Whittemore

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